Mini-maze of hay

I had no idea what was going on several yards ahead of me. Adults were peering over bales of hay and cheering. It was a mini-maze for toddlers set out in a quiet corner of the fairgrounds. This little girl from Olympia found her way half-way through the maze and was ricocheting between dead ends until another girl ran by going the wrong direction. She turned and followed until she saw the entrance again. Her dad was there excitedly pointing her toward the other end of the maze. And then, as if a satellite GPS assistant instantly giving her spoken instructions, she took off running making all the right turns except the last one. There, an enthusiastic female fair worker peeked around the last corner, smiled, and ran back out. The girl, excited, raced out the final turn (above).

I regret my photos of her were not better. I didn’t get the lighting or focus right and missed her feet. I spent the previous minutes talking with her family and some time following her route from outside the maze without obscuring anyone’s view. This final shot was taken with both of us in motion.

(State Fair in Puyallup, September 2014)