Why didn’t you smile?

The woman looked at the finished button immediately after the photo vendor gave it to her.  “You didn’t smile,” she said with a little sadness.  “Why didn’t you smile?”  There was no anger.  Her voice was sweet and calm.  She was just curious.

I was near enough to hear the exchange and had an idea.  “He didn’t smile,” she told me with concern as I joined the conversation uninvited.  I introduced myself and offered to take their picture again.  It would give them another souvenir; free, this time.  He would get a chance to redeem himself to her by showing off his handsome smile — hey, us guys have to help each other out sometimes! — and she’d get the ‘smiling couple’ photo she wanted.

They liked the idea and we had a brief photo shoot only a few yards from the scene of the button photo.  You can even see the big chair from the earlier pose in the background.  It was fun talking to them during this little episode and it warmed my heart to do this.  So here you go!  You have your photo.  Look at those two happy faces.

As we said our thank yous and good-byes she told me one last time with bewilderment: “He didn’t smile.”  Ah, but this time he did!  🙂

(State Fair in Puyallup, September 2014)