Vestidos hermosos

How could I pass up the opportunity to photograph these three young women dressed in vibrantly stunning colors?  It wasn’t easy to get the shot.  I saw them speaking to an adult near one of the fair’s entrance gates.  They began walking away before I arrived, though.  I felt obligated to get permission from the adult before approaching the girls … and I did.  But by the time I thanked the woman, the girls were far away on a very crowded promenade.  Their colors helped me keep them in sight but they were halfway across the fairgrounds by the time I reached them.  Oh, but it was worth it!  They were very courteous during our short photo shoot and happy to show their beautiful dresses.  But I detained them less than a minute.  This dance troupe had an appointment with a Fiestas Patrias stage in 35 minutes.

(State Fair in Puyallup, September 2014)