State Patrol heritage

The Washington State Patrol had a vehicle exhibit that included a car wrecked due to distracted driving, an incident response truck, and several modern patrol cars with all the latest technology.  This patrol officer told me about several of them but I asked him for a photo when we got to this car — a vintage 1940 Ford Deluxe.  That the vehicle survived seventy-four years — restored along the way, of course — is remarkable.  That it isn’t used on patrol any more is not.  Safety glass, seat belts, and engine efficiency weren’t the concerns in the ’40s that they are today. He said it still runs but they usually truck it in for special occasions.  The newest Ford on hand, he said, was built with computer tablets in mind.  A WSP officer can connect his portable device and create/see just about any report he/she needs out on the road.  (Or parked on the side of the road.  We don’t want distracted driving out there!)

(State Fair in Puyallup, September 2014)