She was waiting for friends when I happened by the shellhouse on a beautiful, sunny morning.  Without them, she was only one-quarter of a four-woman crew.  That was lucky for me, though, because it was a pleasure to meet her and she was open to talking for a while.  She’s an active member of the rowing club.  She said she often takes the Lorna Smith out on the water — and so it was the boat we photographed with — but she has rowed most of the boats in the room.  Even the kayaks.

Side note for anyone who has read The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown:  During our conversation I couldn’t help noticing the gorgeous wood of a few shells on the uppermost boat racks.  Those are our George Pocock shells, she said.  Yes, THAT George Pocock.

(Port Townsend, August 2014)