Jersey to Frisco by pedal

They were conspicuous with packs and sleeping gear lashed to their bicycles in front of a downtown Spokane bookstore.  Since I ride bikes myself I was curious where they had come from and where they were headed.  They were happy to share the details.  The man in the middle was cousin to the woman on the left, and a friend to the man on the right.  They left Atlantic City, New Jersey with eye on reaching San Francisco, California.  They were working out the route as they went, day by day.  The next stage of their trip wasn’t yet clear — only that they’d be in Portland soon.  Does a New Jersey trio count as Northwest People?  I’ll give them the temporary designation since they were clearly putting in enough effort to cross the Idaho panhandle, the width of Washington, and the height of Oregon by bike.  They can be Northwesterners for now.  Safe travels.

(Spokane, August 2014)