As is

It wasn’t an overly hot evening, but this man was shirtless when I met him on a Spokane street.  He had just ridden his bicycle out of a parking lot and stopped a few feet from me as I walked down the street.  We exchanged a few words — I remember him telling me he had lived in Spokane for 18 years — and, as he eyed my camera, I asked him if he’d like me to take his picture.  I have a website with street portraits, I told him.  Without hesitation he said yes, dismounted, leaned his bike against a pole, and stood upright before me.  I considered posing him in some way but he seemed sure of his stance as it was.  He offered to don a shirt — he had one on his bike — but didn’t think it necessary.  Two photographs were straight on.  For this third and final shot I asked him to look back in the direction he had just come.  Then he mounted his bike and rode down the street.

(Spokane, August 2014)