Touring on the water

He’s retired, a former Californian who arrived in the Northwest about 2 years ago.  He’s been giving short tours of the Port Townsend waterfront for almost that long.  The day I rode the Martha J, a small craft he pilots for the Northwest Maritime Center, he took me out to a buoy (shown in the background of this photo) northeast of town.  A sea-lion was contentedly dozing in the morning sun there despite the buoy’s bell ringing with the rocking of nearly every other wave.  We also encountered what he called a fried egg jellyfish, pulsing just below the water’s surface.  The boat pilot was certainly pleased to be out on the water and knew how to share the joy with others.

By the way, the Point Wilson Lighthouse is just visible near his right elbow.  This was my first “street portrait” — if I can call it that — taken on the water.   I can’t believe how steady I managed to hold the camera in all the photographs afloat.

(Admiralty Inlet, August 2014)