They are all me

She had a guitar strapped over her shoulder when I met her.  “Have you been playing for long?” I asked.  A few years, she said.  I play in public a lot.  “What sort of music do you like to play?”  The Grateful Dead and others.

As I photographed her I began noticing all the interesting accessories she had added to her clothes.  Thinking I might focus on one particular element, I asked if she thought any one captured her identity the most.  No, she answered.  Each one means something.  They are all me.

My first photo in the set (shown at right) came soon after she kindly agreed to be photographed and stepped up on the wide curb adjacent to the sidewalk. My last photo (above) — closer and from a different perspective — tried to focus more on her self-expression through fashion.  But my takeaway was that each photo caught her expressive nature in different ways.  And her left hand spoke in both pictures.

(Olympia, August 2014)