As Seattle as it gets

He was walking his greyhounds in the park when I approached him and asked to take his picture.  “You want to take a picture of the greyhounds?” he asked.

“No,” I replied.  “You.”  Another man I encountered that day described this man to me and suggested I find him.  If you’re doing street portraits, I had been told, he’s someone I should meet.  Why?  Because “he’s as Seattle as it gets,” he said.  [The expression itself intrigued me; I never learned its meaning.]

Okay, the man with the greyhounds said, handing his dogs’ leashes to a companion.  “People are always asking to photograph the greyhounds,” he said.  “They don’t ask to photograph me.”

I took four pictures and thanked him.  An hour later I kinda wished I had also taken a few additional pictures of the greyhounds, but I was quite happy with this portrait of the humble Seattle man.

(Seattle, July 2014)