Rumor’s big adventure

This man and his dog Rumor have been nearly daily fixtures on the bike trail I often ride. He speeds along on his recumbent tricycle, while his dog happily peers out the ‘backseat’ basket. For a pup, I suppose it’s like the head-out-the-car-window kind of thing.

I’ve always wanted to snap their picture. Last month I asked the man if he’d mind if I did just that one of these days. He said no problem. They’ve been photographed many times, usually by small town newspapers when they do cross-country trips and make somewhat of a spectacle of themselves. They’ll be doing one of those trips starting next month, in fact, so my timing was perfect.

Yesterday I did a 50 mile ride, spotted them along the way and told the man I’d wait for them 7 miles up the trail. I zipped on ahead, turned at the trail head and found a good spot to stand.

Safe travels, you two!

(South Prairie, May 2009)