Your camera, my camera

The girl on the far left said they were returning from a fun trip to a museum. But that was after I met them. Let me back up in the story a few minutes.

I first saw this group crossing the street together. They were happy and animated.  I briefly thought about asking to take their picture, but they were well-immersed in their own interactions and I didn’t want to intrude. That’s when they stopped in front of a nearby sign and the woman approached me. She held out her cell phone and asked “Will you take our picture?”  [ How ironic was that?! ]  I agreed: One shot as requested, straight on and wide enough to include the sign. As I returned the cell phone I said “funny thing….  I often take photos of people who I meet and I’d like to take your picture with my camera, too.” They graciously consented and I steered them to this bench. Now I have a souvenir of their day at the museum, too.  🙂

(Tacoma, July 2014)