Parade joy

No one was more excited about the Lakefair Parade than this three-year old girl. She was overjoyed with every float, marching band, and drill team that came down the street. One minute she would be raising her arms high above her head, the next she’d be stomping both feet in a series of exuberant hops. At least twice her excited greetings received a personal wave from passing princesses.

Fortunately her mom was nearby and kindly gave me permission to photograph her from the curb. The girl noticed the camera when I snapped the shot (above) and turned directly toward me with a standard posed smile (not shown). Distracting her was not my aim, though, and her mom quickly alerted her to another princess. She couldn’t contain herself (right). My wish is that everyone can be this happy now and then.

(Olympia, July 2014)