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San Juan County


  • Name origin: Named for Juan Vicente de Güemes (1740-99), viceroy of New Spain.
  • Established: 1873 Oct 31
  • County seat: Friday Harbor
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  • Population (2010): 15,769 (Rank: 32 of 39)
  • Area (2010): 173.92 square miles (Rank: 39 of 39)
  • Density (2010): 90.7 people per square miles (Rank: 11 of 39)
  • Highest elevation: 2,407 feet, Mount Constitution.


Cities and Towns Incorp. Population Area Density Elevation Zip code
(sq miles) (pop/sq miles) (feet)
1. Friday Harbor town 1910 2,162 2.09 1,034.4 100 98250


Additional facts

  • San Juan County is one of six Washington counties with only one incorporated city.
  • San Juan is the smallest county in the state by land area.
  • Orcas (57.3 square miles), San Juan (55.0 square miles), and Lopez (29.8 square miles) are the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th largest islands in the state.


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