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Favorites from the Frye

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The Northwest might be in a faraway corner, but it has its share of art treasures and treasured art museums.  One of the latter is the Frye Art Museum on Seattle’s First Hill.  Established in 1952 as an artist-centered institution, the museum was founded by art patrons Charles and Emma Frye.  The Frye’s permanent collection celebrates primarily late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century German art along with a number of American and French paintings from the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. The collection features works by Albert Bierstadt, William A Bouguereau, William Merritt Chase, Frank Duveneck, Franz von Lenbach, Gabriel von Max, and Franz von Stuck.  In addition to to the permanent collection, the Frye hosts temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

We asked the staff at the Frye to select their favorite paintings from the museum’s collection.  We’re sure it wasn’t an easy task to winnow down a short list from so many admired pieces, but the staff responded with a carefully considered list of art that excites both their staff and visitors.  And they kindly granted WA-List permission to share images here for a true visual treat.  Having said that, though, nothing matches the experience of seeing the brushstrokes, paint thickness, character, and clarity of the real thing.  Put a visit to the Frye on your To Do list.

  • Location:  704 Terry Avenue, near Boren Ave and James St, steps from downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill.
  • Hours:  Tue-Sun 11am-5pm; Thurs 11am-7pm
  • Phone:  206-622-9250
  • WebsiteFryeMuseum.org
William Adolphe Bouguereau. The Shepherdess, 1881. Oil on canvas. 46 x 28 ½ in. Charles and Emma Frye Collection.
Hermann Corrodi. Venice, c. 1900. Oil on canvas. 49 1/4 x 91 1/4 in. Charles and Emma Frye Collection.
Hermann Corrodi. View of Corsica, c. 1890. Oil on canvas. 65 3/8 x 50 3/8 in. Charles and Emma Frye Collection.
Alexander Max Koester. Moulting Ducks, c. 1900. Oil on canvas. 28 3/8 x 51 3/8 in. Charles and Emma Frye Collection.
Gabriel von Max. Botaniker (The Botanists), after 1900. Oil on canvas. 25 x 31 ¾ in. Frye Art Museum, Charles and Emma Frye Collection, 1952.117. Photo: Eduardo Calderón.
Gabriel von Max. Märtyrerin am Kreuz (The Christian Martyr), 1867. Oil on paper affixed to canvas. 48 x 36 3/4 in. Frye Art Museum, Charles and Emma Frye Collection, 1952.116. Photo: Eduardo Calderón.
Mihály de Munkácsy. The Prisoner, 1871–73. Oil on panel. 31 x 39 1/2 in. Charles and Emma Frye Collection.
Adolf Schreyer. The Burning Stable, 19th century. Oil on canvas. 47 x 79 x in. Frye Art Museum, Charles and Emma Frye Collection.
Dániel Somogyi. View of Königssee, 1878. Oil on canvas. 46 5/8 x 59 3/16 in. Charles and Emma Frye Collection.
Franz von Stuck. Sin, after 1906. Oil and mixed media on canvas. Charles and Emma Frye Collection.
Franz Xavier Winterhalter. Susanna and the Elders, 1866. Oil on fabric. 64 5/8 in. x 46 5/8 in. Charles and Emma Frye Collection.

SOURCE: The staff at the Frye Art Museum

IMAGES are the property of the Frye Art Museum and are used here by permission.

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4 Responses to “Favorites from the Frye”

  1. Kari K Says:

    Wow. Seeing this tiny version of “Moulting Ducks” makes me want to visit the Frye so I can see it in person!

  2. triva iverson Says:

    My framed print of Moulting Ducks lasted through 6 office moves but finally was beyond repair after the last move. I need to come see the real one again and get a new print!

  3. Terry P Says:

    I love Chilmark by Thomas Hart Benton. I could look at it forever.

  4. Joan Says:

    I haven’t been to the Frye in years. What a treat. I love the Shepherdess. It’s as alive or more so than a photograph.