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Seattle won its game in Cleveland Monday night, but first baseman Mike Carp was 0 for 4, ending a 20-game hitting streak.  His three week run of good games propelled him to a team-leading .325 batting average for the season.  If hitting safely in twenty consecutive games weren’t impressive enough, consider that Carp has played in only 79 major league games.  That hitting streak has spanned more than a quarter of his career.

Once Carp reached 20 — his jersey number, by coincidence — it seemed appropriate to share a list of the longest franchise hitting streaks.  His teammate Ichiro Suzuki holds the team record, hitting safely 27 games in a row two years ago.  That’s a far cry from Joe DiMaggio’s all-time record of 56 consecutive games, of course. That hitting streak is often referred to as the baseball record least likely to be broken.  Ever.

Suzuki appears here four other times, too. That gives him five hitting streaks of 20 or more games.  In major league baseball’s long history, only one player has had more 20+ game hitting streaks: Pete Rose had seven.


Hitter, Year
27 Ichiro Suzuki, 2009
25 Ichiro Suzuki, 2007
24 Joey Cora, 1997
23 Ichiro Suzuki, 2001
21 Dan Meyer, 1979
Richie Zisk, 1982
Ichiro Suzuki, 2001
Ichiro Suzuki, 2004
20 Alex Rodriguez, 1996
Joey Cora, 1998
Mike Carp, 2011

PHOTO of Ichiro in 2007 © Steve Campion


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