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Ten Nights with Mick

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Admittedly, there’s little genuine connection between the Rolling Stones and the Pacific Northwest.  None of the band members are from these parts, nor do any songs in their repertoire relate to anything remotely Washington.  Sure the Stones stopped in Seattle on tour, but so did just about every other big-name rock band.

But unlike other bands, the Rolling Stones returned again and again over 5 decades, and managed to fill the region’s largest venues almost every time.  Most impressive of all was their 1981 visit, when they sold out the Kingdome on consecutive nights.  That doesn’t sound like they can’t get satisfaction.

Today, on Mick Jagger’s 68th birthday, we list the ten concerts Mick and the boys played Washington State.  Nine of the shows were in Seattle (only 2002 wasn’t), five were in the same building (the Coliseum / Key Arena), and only the last one was a Tuesday — a Ruby Tuesday in an Emerald City.


  • 1965 Dec 2, Coliseum
  • 1966 Jul 20, Coliseum
  • 1972 Jun 4, Coliseum
  • 1975 Jul 18, Coliseum
  • 1981 Oct 14, Kingdome
  • 1981 Oct 15, Kingdome
  • 1994 Dec 15, Kingdome
  • 2002 Nov 6, Tacoma Dome
  • 2005 Oct 30, Key Arena
  • 2006 Oct 17, Qwest Field
Were YOU at any of these concerts?
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