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Final Addresses: Governor Graveyards

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Since the day Isaac Stevens quietly dismounted his horse in Nov, 1853, and went around to the back of the Washington Hotel looking for something to eat while everyone else in town awaited his VIP arrival, every Washington governor has taken up residence in Olympia.  As with all mortals, though, they eventually reach a final address. Ironically none of those final addresses have been in Olympia.

Below is a list of all the cemeteries in Washington that contain the remains of a deceased chief executive.  I don’t intend this list to be morbid, but rather an interesting side-trip into unique historical markers.  It may be eye-opening for you to discover, as it was for me, that a governor was buried just down the street.  Or that so few (four) came to rest in eastern Washington. Or that one cemetery in Tumwater is the final resting place for three, including Samuel Cosgrove (tombstone pictured here) who died after serving only one day as governor in 1909.

For the record, every deceased state governor of Washington is buried within the state, but only five additional governors of Washington Territory were.  Of the rest, five were buried in other states, and three ended up in places unknown: somewhere in Tennessee; probably in California; and no idea.  As in politics, we don’t know where all the bones are buried.


Bellingham: Bayview Cemetery

  • Albert Mead (5th state governor) died Mar 19, 1913

Everett: Evergreen Cemetery

  • Roland Hartley (10th state governor) died Sep 21, 1952
  • Monrad Wallgren (13th state governor) died Sep 18, 1961

Fox Island: Fox Island Cemetery

  • Dixy Lee Ray (17th state governor) died Jan 2, 1994

Lake Forest Park: Acacia Memorial Park

  • Arthur Langlie (12th & 14th state governor) died Jul 24, 1966

Lakewood: Western State Hospital Memorial Cemetery

  • William Wallace (4th territorial governor) died Feb 7, 1879

Puyallup: Woodbine Cemetery

  • John Rogers (3rd state governor) died Dec 26 1901

Seattle: Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park

  • Watson Squire (12th territorial governor) died Jun 7, 1926
  • Henry McBride (4th state governor) died Oct 6, 1937

Seattle: Lake View Cemetery

  • Elisha Ferry (10th territorial & 1st state gov) died Oct 14, 1895

Seattle: Mt Pleasant Cemetery

  • John McGraw (2nd state governor) died Jun 23, 1910

Spokane: Fairmont Memorial Park

  • Clarence Martin (11th state governor) died Aug 11, 1955

Spokane: Riverside Memorial Park

  • Marion Hay (7th state governor) died Nov 21, 1933

Spokane: Wright Crematory and Columbarum

  • Eugene Semple (13th territorial governor) died Aug 28, 1908

Tacoma: Tacoma Cemetery

  • Ernest Lister (8th state governor) died Jun 14, 1919

Tumwater: Masonic Memorial Park

  • Marshall Moore (7th territorial governor) died Feb 26, 1870
  • Samuel Cosgrove (6th state governor) died Mar 28, 1909
  • Louis Hart (9th state governor) died Dec 5, 1929

Walla Walla: Mountain View Cemetery

  • Miles Moore (14th territorial governor) died Dec 18, 1920

SOURCES: This list was pieced together with data from several sources including the Biographical Diectory of the United States Congress, Find a Grave, and Political Graveyard.  Several gravesites (the headstones at least) have been verified in person by the listguy.

PHOTO © Steve Campion


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