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Eight Towns in the Olde County

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Every town and city in Washington’s southwest county more than doubled its population in the last twenty years. Some tripled. Vancouver is now the state’s 4th largest city after adding almost as many people in that period as live today in the state’s 5th largest city (Bellevue). Yes, there’s been a population boom in Clark County.

Using fresh population numbers from the 2010 census, we’ll be posting city and town lists for each county in Washington. We chose to begin this periodical population posting parade with the state’s first county.

Clark County is not only older than the state; it’s older than the territory of Washington and its even earlier predecessor: the territory of Oregon. It came into existence as the District of Vancouver in 1844. That was how the provisional government of Oregon labeled all the land north of the Columbia River, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains. Picture the entire state of Washington plus northern Idaho and a good chunk of British Columbia. That was the district. (Compare that to the dark green patch in the accompanying map!) In 1845, Oregon reorganized all that land as Vancouver County, then reorganized it again as Clarke County (with an e) in 1849. For the next thirtysomething years (until 1880), the county yielded land to other counties as the map began dividing into what we see today. It dropped the e in 1925.

But that’s the county and its history. Here are its seven cities and one town, along with their populations in the last five census years (40 years).


1. Vancouver city 42,493 42,834 46,380 143,560 161,791
2. Camas city 5,790 5,681 6,442 12,534 19,355
3. Battle Ground city 1,438 2,774 3,758 9,322 17,571
4. Washougal city 3,388 3,834 4,764 8,595 14,095
5. Woodland* city 1,622 2,415 2,500 3,780 5,509
6. Ridgefield city 1,004 1,062 1,332 2,147 4,763
7. La Center city 300 439 451 1,654 2,800
8. Yacolt town 488 544 600 207 1,566

*Woodland straddles two counties: Clark and Cowlitz.

SOURCE: U.S. Census.


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