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3 Days and 2 Nights in Wenatchee

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Looking for an enjoyable weekend getaway without leaving the state?  Consider Wenatchee.  The city nearest the geographic center of Washington is not only the apple capital of the United States, but it makes a relaxing summer getaway without the fuss of airports or rental cars.

What might you do on a Wenatchee vacation?  We asked the people at the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center to imagine Three Days and Two Nights for a hypothetical adult couple in their town.  They took up our challenge and designed the weekend itinerary below.  The result has enough coffee and alcohol to happily lubricate the visit and still leave time to shop and take in the views of the Columbia River and surrounding mountains.  There are plenty of other places to go and things to do in Wenatchee, of course, but we intentionally asked the visitor center to kept it simple.  We hoped to show some of the city without running anyone ragged on a see-everything-at-once-visit.

We call this series Three Days and Two Nights.  We want to share sample itineraries for weekend vacations in various Washington locations.  Our intent isn’t to burden readers with dozens of places to go in a crazy 60-hour frenzy.  On the contrary.  We want to keep things simple by suggesting a realistic experience — one that you might quickly visualize in your mind before grabbing a calendar to start making plans. Travel locally and explore the Northwest. You can squeeze a lot of memories into a 3 day weekend.


Friday afternoon

Arrive in Wenatchee.  Check into the COAST Hotel (201 N Wenatchee Ave, 509-662-1234) located downtown Wenatchee.  Walk the Apple Capital Loop Trail (photo above) to the Pybus Public Market (photo right, 3 N. Worthen, 509-888-3900).  Browse the shops, do some wine tasting and then take the short walk up to Wenatchee Avenue to do some more wine tasting at the Chamber Room Tasting Bar (corner of Palouse & S. Wenatchee Ave) and at Stemilt Creek Winery (110 N. Wenatchee Ave., 509-665-3485).

Friday evening

Stop at McGlinns Public House (photo at left, 111 Orondo Ave, 509-663-9073) for dinner.  McGlinns is an old pub with a lot of character, a great menu and excellent food.  Take a nice walk back to the hotel.

Saturday morning

Breakfast and coffee at Caffe` Mela (photo below, 17 N Wenatchee Ave, 509-888-0374) located downtown Wenatchee, within walking distance of the hotel.

Saturday afternoon

Go down to Walla Walla Point Park (1351 Walla Walla Ave), a short drive or walk from the hotel, for some paddle boarding and kayaking.  There is a little inlet area from which you can start out and then venture out onto the Columbia  River and up to the confluence where the Wenatchee River runs into the Columbia.  On your way up the Columbia you will see the Horan Nature Area.  It is a beautiful area to do a little exploring in if you’d like.

Saturday evening

Go out to the Chateau Faire le Pont (1 Vinyard Way, 509-667-9463) for an early reserve wine tasting.  Enjoy dinner at this elegant winery with the music of Charlie Solburg, a guitar vocalist.

Sunday morning

Start your day at Taste Buds (212 5th St #A,  509-888-2783).  Enjoy their gourmet espresso and fresh baked scones.

Sunday afternoon

Take the short drive west on Hwy 2/97 to Cashmere and visit the Cashmere Cider Mill (5420 Woodring Canyon Rd‎, Cashmere, 509-782-3564).  Enjoy the orchards, tasty cider and home made treats.

If you can slip one more enjoyable outing into your weekend…

Walk the trails of Ohme Gardens (3327 Ohme Road, 509-662-5785). Designed as a private garden in the 1930s, the beautiful gardens and shady landscaping makes a cool oasis on a hot day.

SOURCE: Most of the stops on this itinerary were provided to us by the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center.  We added Ohme Gardens as a bonus because we truly love the place.  This list, by the way, is not an advertisement. No one associated with WA-List was compensated for any inclusions on this list.

PHOTOS © Steve Campion.


5 Responses to “3 Days and 2 Nights in Wenatchee”

  1. Renae Meredith Says:

    Great list! Thanks for the ideas. I tried to follow you on Twitter, but the Twitter buttons don’t go to your profile, they go to Twitter.com and I couldn’t find you. What’s your Twitter name?

  2. Lynne Says:

    The Riverfront path makes a loop including both sides of the Columbia River, connected by a N bridge and S bridge. There is a biek rental located next to Pybus Public Market to ride the path…very pleasant area that is 10 mi if you stick to the loop. There is an added spur on the East side of the river that extends South to Hydro Park. We do love our Wenatchee lifestyle.

  3. Steve Campion Says:

    Renae: Sorry about that. We’ll fix the link. Our Twitter account is http://twitter.com/listguy. Glad you like the list!

  4. Steve Campion Says:

    Lynne: Thanks for added info! I’m an avid cyclist myself and absolutely love the loop. I do a few laps every time I’m in town.

  5. Lynne Says:

    well then Steve Compion, you will be happy to know there is progress in extending the path to the North from the bridge at the northern end of the path loop. It will extend all the way to Lincoln Rock State Park, above the Rocky Reach Dam on the Douglas Co side of the Columbia (East). We are all pretty excited about that. It has been a long time coming. We do love our path. It is nice to know visitors also appreciate it. Enjoy!