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Forty Years Running

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Forty years is a long time. Jimmy Carter was a new president forty years ago. The Seattle Seahawks had played only 14 games and the Seattle Mariners were not even a full month into their first season. On May 1, 1977, Spokane hosted the Lilac Bloomsday Run for the first time.

Created and organized by Spokane resident and former Olympian Don Kardong, Bloomsday that year attracted 1,198 runners to its 12 kilometer (7.46 mile) course through downtown Spokane.  Among those runners were the 92 people we have listed below.  Those same runners finished among the peak Bloomsday crowd of 56,156 in 1996, and during the 40th running on May 1, 2016.  Select any year between 1977 and 2016, in fact, and you’ll see the very same 92 dedicated Bloomsday finishers among the tens of thousands of runners and walkers each May.  That’s because these people have finished every Bloomsday Run FOR FORTY YEARS.

They’ve run ’em all.

These “perennials” are an elite group.  Bloomsday royalty.  Race creator Don Kardong is among them.  It’s remarkable when someone succeeds at anything for forty consecutive years.  Running a 12K year in and year out for four decades is all the more improbable.  Priorities change. Lifestyles change. People move. Age, injuries, and illness can interrupt plans.  Through it all, these 92 people — 7.7% of the 1977 participants — haven’t missed completing a Bloomsday yet.  Some can still finish the 12K course in under an hour; a third of them within 90 minutes.  What a remarkable feat.  What remarkable feet!  We think that’s bloomin’ amazing.  Here’s to the perennials.


2016 Finish time under 1 hour

  • Keith R Lalonde (56 minutes, 35 seconds)
  • Mike L Hogue

2016 Finish time between 1 hour and 1.5 hours

  • Brian J Kenna
  • Richard K Cadwallader
  • Roger R Risinger
  • Don Kardong
  • Rick J Barbero
  • Douglas Clark
  • Sylvia C Quinn
  • Kris A Olson-Wood
  • Michael P Fleming
  • James D Edwards
  • Daniel R Gillespie
  • John R Day
  • Jack K Williams
  • Shelley J Carlson
  • Linnwood D Sampson
  • Bob D Barbero
  • Rich Landers
  • Dennis L Doyle
  • Phil L Trautman
  • Paul M Chapman
  • Jack L Charbonneau
  • Joel W Palmer
  • Rick S Serns
  • Roger L Aldrich
  • Greg Wright
  • Bruce M Thornton
  • Maury L Ray
  • Ted R Kirpes
  • Bob J Thornton
  • Dennis O McMullen

2016 Finish time between 1.5 hours and 2 hours

  • Thomas F Leonard
  • Peter R Thompson
  • Bobby D Felton
  • Ron P Douglas
  • Michael P McKenna
  • Jeffery M Snow
  • Steve W Rusch
  • Sally A Rennebohm-Lutz
  • Charles F Bean
  • Bernie A Barnes
  • Von Klohe
  • Martin Kittredge
  • Nick J Savka
  • Dianne D Bruhn
  • Ken A Wendt
  • Michael K Tobey
  • J. William Peters
  • Lawrence M Gorton
  • Thornton C Murphy
  • Ken J Hill
  • Michael R Arnold
  • Max Bischoff
  • Terry L Hemingway
  • Keith D Law
  • James B Parry
  • Bruce H McDavis
  • Don L Franklin
  • Lawrence N Peterson

2016 Finish time between 2 hours and 2.5 hours

  • Marji J Arnold
  • Bill R Sleeth Jr
  • Patrick H Quinn
  • Robert C Brewster
  • Steffcurry McArthur
  • Steven A Moe
  • Richard O Baker
  • Mary H Fagan
  • Jack Tenold
  • Floyd L McComas
  • Gary G Berg
  • Wilson F McElroy
  • Chris L Boucher
  • George W Davidson
  • Dean M Duncan
  • John B Blessent
  • Terence R Whitten
  • Laurie A Rhodes
  • Lewis E Purcell Sr
  • Daniel M Omeara
  • Dean D Haagenson
  • Stephen E Vigus
  • Robert K Maudlin

2016 Finish time between 2.5 hours and 3 hours

  • Glen A MacPhee
  • John R Bowers
  • Carolyn R Bryan
  • Lorinda Travis
  • Jon C Gardner
  • Richard C Howland
  • Warren Heylman

2016 Finish time over 3 hours

  • James A Grier
  • Jack C Rogers

PHOTO:  The shirt of a perennial, 2016, by Steve Campion

SOURCE:  Lilac Bloomsday Association. List used with permission.

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