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Washington Ghosts on Television

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Are there haunted places in Washington?

Two popular American television series specialize in traveling from place to place, conducting overnight lock-downs, and investigating locations with cameras and high-tech gadgets designed to detect paranormal activity. Washington isn’t on their most travel-worn paths but over the nearly twenty combined seasons, the crews of the two shows have spent at least six nights on spectral hunts in our state. We listed the episodes below and included some of the addresses. Did the investigators find conclusive evidence ghosts? We’ll leave that verdict to you.*

The shows can be entertaining. And if nothing else, viewers can see some local buildings in new ways.

HAVE YOU HEARD STORIES about a haunted house or site in Washington? We’d like to do research and put together a future list (with stories). Send an email to ghosts @ WA-List.com


GHOST HUNTERS (SyFy, 2004-present)

  • Season 3, Episode 13.  “Lost Souls”  First aired: 2007 Sep 26.

Locations: Northern State Hospital (24909 Hub Drive, Sedro-Woolley), Seattle Underground (608 1st Ave, Seattle)

  • Season 3, Episode 15.  “Ghostly Houseguest”  First aired: 2007 Oct 10.

Locations: Gibbons House (Sammamish),  Moore Theatre (1932 2nd Ave, Seattle)

  • Season 3, Episode 16.  “Houses of the Holy”  First aired: 2007 Oct 17.

Location: St Matthews Church (317 7th Ave, Prosser)

GHOST ADVENTURES (Travel Channel, 2008-present)

  • Season 4, Episode 14.  “Kells Irish Pub Restaurant”  First aired: 2010 Dec 17.

Location: Kells Irish Pub (1916 Post Alley, Seattle)

  • Season 10, Episode 10.  “Demons in Seattle”  First aired: 2015 Feb 28.

Location: Keith Linder residence (Bothell)

  • Season 11, Episode 3.  “Manresa Castle”  First aired: 2015 Sep 5.

Location: Manresa Castle (651 Cleveland Street, Port Townsend)

PHOTO: Ghost Adventures crew courtesy of Travel Channel.

* Minor spoiler alert: One of these six episodes leave the ghost investigators themselves doubting any on-site paranormal activity — something we haven’t seen on other episode.


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