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Four Hits, Four Ways

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Jay Buhner, known more for his power than his speed, did something very unlikely 18 years ago today:  He hit for the cycle.  That means he managed — in one baseball game — to hit a single, a double, a triple, and a home run.  It doesn’t happen often.  In fact, only four Seattle Mariner players have ever hit for the cycle.  Buhner was the first of the four that day in 1993.

He started the cycle in the first inning with a home run. No surprise there; he hit 310 in his career.  He followed with a double in the third and a single in the fifth. Again, with 233 doubles and 711 singles to his credit, “the Bone” often put together multi-hit games.  But triples are not so common in baseball.  You need a solid hit and leg out a 270-foot sprint.  Buhner hit only 19 triples in his entire 15-season career.  In fact, he managed a mere six stolen bases in all those years while being caught stealing 24 times!  But locked in a 7-7 extra-inning game, Buhner started the bottom of the 14th inning with a 3-bagger. It was a heroic running effort.  And three batters later, Buhner scored on a wild pitch and won the game for the Mariners.

Buhner’s cycle and the three others in Seattle history are listed below.  Adrian Beltre’s cycle included an extra single and he scored all five times he was on base.  John Olerud, the third Mariner to achieve the feat, already had a cycle to his credit playing for the New York Mets on Sept 11, 1997.


Jay Buhner – June 23, 1993 in Seattle.
7 at bats, 4 hits, 2 runs, 4 runs batted in.
Final: Seattle 8, Oakland 7 (14 innings).

  • 1st inning: Home run
  • 3rd inning: Double
  • 5th inning: Single
  • 7th inning: Strikeout
  • 9th inning: Ground out
  • 11th inning: Strikeout
  • 14th inning: Triple

Alex Rodriguez – June 5, 1997 in Detroit.
6 at bats, 4 hits, 3 runs, 2 runs batted in.
Final: Seattle 14, Detroit 6.

  • 1st inning: Home run
  • 2nd inning: Ground out
  • 4th inning: Single
  • 6th inning: Ground out
  • 8th inning: Triple
  • 9th inning: Double

John Olerud – June 16, 2001 in San Diego.
5 at bats, 4 hits, 3 runs, 2 runs batted in.
Final: Seattle 9, San Diego 2.

  • 2nd inning: Double
  • 3rd inning: Triple
  • 5th inning: Single
  • 7th inning: Fielding Error
  • 9th inning: Home run

Adrian Beltre – September 1, 2008 in Texas.
6 at bats, 5 hits, 5 runs, 3 runs batted in.
Final: Seattle 12, San Diego 6.

  • 2nd inning: Home Run
  • 4th inning: Single
  • 6th inning: Single
  • 7th inning: Double
  • 8th inning: Triple
  • 9th inning: Ground out

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