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Where I Wandered: 2012

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TacomaFor the second year in a row, I’ll answer my own question:  Who cares where I wandered? Probably no one. I merely enjoy recalling the trips and activities and people I encountered during the year.  This is my personal list.  Nothing more.  Make your own.

Compared to my previous years, 2012 was more or less a stay-put affair for me. I suffered a shoulder injury in the spring and that curtailed my usual biking and hiking activities all summer long.  As a result I managed to see only a third of Washington’s counties this year — down from more than half of them in 2011.  I certainly hope to hit the road again in 2013.

Maybe no one cares where I wandered. That’s okay.  But as I wrote here last year, I’ve been to all 39 counties in Washington at least twice over the years and believe there’s still plenty of interesting things to see and do and explore here. Our state has great variety in its landscapes, cityscapes, culture, art, agriculture, recreation, history, and people. It’s well worth wandering and exploring. That’s what I do. That’s what WA-List does. Thanks for traveling with me again this year! And if you’d like, please leave a comment saying where YOU wandered this year.


1. Pierce 8. Grays Harbor
2. Thurston 9. Lewis
3. Spokane 10. Kittitas
4. Mason 11. Grant
5. King 12. Clark
6. Kitsap 13. Cowlitz
7. Lincoln

SOURCE: Off the top of my head … and in some of my bills.

PHOTO at pavement level near downtown Tacoma © Steve Campion


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