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Seattle Seahawks Shutouts

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UPDATED: The list below has been updated since its original publication.

The Seattle Seahawks had some fun today running up the score like never before.  Their 58-0 demolition of the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field was the biggest shutout in team history — and one of the biggest ever in the NFL.*  They matched the previous franchise record (45-0) less than four minutes into the second half, then more or less coasted from there.

Powered today by Russell Wilson (148 passing yards), Marshawn Lynch (128 rushing yards, 3 touchdowns), Robert Turbin (108 rushing yards), and Anthony McCoy (105 receiving yards), Seattle posted 10 points in the first quarter, 28 in the second, 13 in the third, and 7 in the fourth. There were nothing but zeroes on the other side.

Shutout or not, the Hawks scored more points today than ever before, too. The 1977 team beat Buffalo 56-17 — an offensive record that lasted 35 years. Seattle scored more than 50 points in a game only one other time during the intervening years.

We had no plans to post this list today, by the way, but how could we resist?  We already had it in our files.  All we had to do was add a new top line and start celebrating.


Score Opponent Home/Away Date
58-0 Arizona Home Dec 9, 2012*
45-0 Kansas City Home Nov 4, 1984
42-0 Philadelphia Away Dec 5, 2005**
41-0 Jacksonville Home Oct 11, 2009
38-0 Arizona Away Sep 14, 2003
38-0 Philadelphia Away Sep 6, 1998
37-0 Los Angeles Raiders Home Dec 8, 1986**
34-0 San Francisco Home Sep 26, 2004
33-0 Cleveland Home Sep 3, 1984
30-0 Pittsburgh Home Sep 7, 1986
28-0 St Louis Home Sep 13, 2009
26-0 Chicago Home Sep 27, 2015***
24-0 San Francisco Home Nov 12, 2007**
24-0 San Diego Away Oct 29, 1984**
23-0 NY Giants Away Dec 15, 2013***
17-0 NY Jets Away Nov 13, 1977
16-0 Oakland Home Nov 6, 2006**
16-0 Pittsburgh Home Nov 28, 1982
14-0 Washington Away Sep 28, 1980

*The Seahawks victory was the third biggest NFL shutout in since the NFC/AFC merger.  Two games wrapped up 59-0: the L.A. Rams defeated Atlanta in 1976, and New England crushed Tennessee in 2009.  Two long-ago pre-merger shutouts were won by the Chicago Bears (73-0 over the Washington Redskins, 1940) and the Philadelphia Eagles (64-0 vs. Cincinnati Reds, 1934).

**Five of the shutout victories listed here took place in the national spotlight of Monday Night Football.

***Updated since original list was posted.


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  1. Joan Says:

    The game was impressive. They are playing to win now. Two in a row like that and they are in business.