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We compare things every day.  Differences are often a simple matter of subtraction.  If we can count or measure a pair of things, we can likely do the math and see what separates them.  We call these quantifiably differentiated pairs “betweens.”  Pick the right pair of things and the betweens can be interesting.

Many things, of course, can’t be quantified.  Art is a good example.  There are quality and aesthetic factors not easily reduced to numbers.  That’s fine.  We won’t invent “artty” units to say Suzzallo Library is 1 artty better or worse than the EMP.  (At least we won’t do that yet.  We reserve the right to change our minds.)  For now, though, we’ll only look at betweens that we can count or measure in standard ways.

We collected many Northwest betweens and did the math.  We share a dozen of them in today’s list — the first in a series of betweens.

1 day BETWEEN the death at age 70 of Emil Sick, longtime owner of the Seattle Rainiers baseball team (Nov 11, 1964) AND the death at age 45 of Fred Hutchinson, the greatest star pitcher the Seattle Rainiers baseball team ever produced (Nov 12, 1964).

12 inches BETWEEN the height of world champion Seattle SuperSonics center Jack Sikma (6’11”) AND the height of world champion Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (5’11”).

41 miles BETWEEN the town of Starbuck, WA AND the nearest Starbucks coffee shop (Albertson’s at 450 N Wilbur Ave, Walla Walla).

54 years BETWEEN George Washington’s death (1799) AND his name’s attachment to Washington Territory (1853).

81 feet BETWEEN the Space Needle’s observation deck (519 feet) AND the top of the Space Needle’s antenna spire (605 feet).

166 degrees Fahrenheit BETWEEN the state record high temperature (118° at Ice Harbor Dam, Aug 5, 1961) AND the state record low temperature (-48° at Winthrop and Mazama, Dec 30, 1968).

289 driving miles BETWEEN the University of Washington campus AND the Washington State University campus.

306 driving miles BETWEEN Vancouver, WA AND Vancouver, BC.

1,306 Mariner games BETWEEN Ken Griffey Jr’s 398th Mariners home run (Sep 22, 1999) AND Ken Griffey Jr’s 399th Mariners home run (Apr 6, 2009).

2,182 days BETWEEN the first climb of Mt Olympus, WA (Aug 12, 1907) AND the first climb of Mt Olympus, Greece (Aug 2, 1913).

15,341 feet BETWEEN the maximum height of Mt Rainier (14,411) AND the maximum depth of Puget Sound (930 feet off Point Jefferson between Indianola and Kingston).

11,922,720 cubic yards BETWEEN the concrete volume of the old Kingdome (52,800 cubic yards) AND the concrete volume of the Grand Coulee Dam (11,975,520 cubic yards).

PHOTOS: Kingdome photo in public domain.  All other photos  © Steve Campion.

SOURCES: We referred to our accumulated WA-List files for much of the raw data, much of which is widely available, and some of which is approximate.  (Driving mileage, for instance, is approximate.) All the complicated math (hey, it’s subtraction!) was ours. Perhaps the most specialized data on the list is that of the last pair of betweens.  We found the Kingdome volume on King County’s webpage  and the dam volume at a Bureau of Reclamation page. Yes, that means the dam has the equivalent concrete of 226.8 Kingdomes.

We should also explain that Ken Griffey hit 213 home runs playing for Cincinnati and Chicago during the eight years intervening on his between.


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