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Most Seahawks Wins

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The Seattle Seahawks closed out the 2014 regular season with six consecutive wins (and 9 wins of their last 10!).  They qualified for the playoffs for the third consecutive year (and fourth year in Pete Carroll’s five years as coach).

Seattle also secured home field advantage in the postseason for the third time in franchise history.  They played in the Super Bowl each of the two previous times that happened.

Three quarterbacks appear three times each on our list. In his three season career so far, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is now 36-12 in the regular season, and 6-2 in the postseason.


Regular season Postseason
Wins-Losses Year Quarterback Wins-Losses Notes 
13-3 2013DH Russell Wilson  3-0 Won Super Bowl 48
13-3 2005DH Matt Hasselbeck  2-1 Lost Super Bowl 40
12-4 2014DH Russell Wilson  2-1 Lost Super Bowl 49 
12-4 1984 Dave Krieg 1-1
11-5 2012 Russell Wilson 1-1
10-6 2007D Matt Hasselbeck 1-1
10-6 2003 Matt Hasselbeck 0-1
10-6 1986 Dave Krieg 0-0
9-6 1987 Dave Krieg 0-1
9-7 Seattle finished 9-7 nine times over the years: 1978, 1979, 1983, 1988D, 1990, 1999D, 2001, 2004D, 2006D.  The best post-season among those years was 1983 with 2 wins and 1 loss.

D = Seahawks won their division. (They also won the division in 2010 with 7 wins, 9 losses.)
H = Seahawks won home field advantage in the postseason.

PHOTO: CenturyLink Field by Steve Campion.


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