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TV Peeps with the Most Tweeps — Seattle

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Television news is a medium that goes in one direction: from reporter to viewer. Social media lets viewers interact and report news back to the station. Some local TV personalities have realized that a social media following gives them an advantage. It’s not just a fan-base; it’s thousands of extra eyes witnessing changing weather, traffic snarls, local sports, or a rumpled sleeve on a bad wardrobe day. Nowhere is instant feedback easier than Twitter.

Who has the most Twitter followers in the Seattle TV market? Even before beginning my search, I suspected who would emerge as the leader. Jenni Hogan, the UW grad from Australia and current traffic reporter at KIRO, has been showing social media savvy since she opened a Twitter account several years ago. She and her followers communicate on Twitter, Facebook, and her blog — sometimes squeezed into the 9 minutes between her on-air reports.  And off-air they have a steady, on-going conversation.

We will eventually cover the central Washington and Spokane TV markets, but for now only the Seattle TV peeps with the most tweeps are listed below (with numbers accurate as of June 21, 2011).  Do you follow any of them?  Whose tweets do you enjoy most?


Rank TV Person Station Focus Twitter Name Twitter
1. Jenni Hogan KIRO-7 Traffic @jennihogan 31,672
2. Lily Jang KCPQ-13 Anchor @LilyJang 15,573
3. Bill Wixey KCPQ-13 Anchor @BillWixey 8,109
4. Julia Francavilla KIRO-7 Anchor @KIRO7Julie 6,173
5. Rebecca Stevenson KIRO-7 Weather UPDATED:
6. Chris Egan KING-5 Sports @ChrisEgan5 3,346
7. Kaci Aitchison KCPQ-13 Reporter @KaciAitchison 3,193
8. Steve Pool KOMO-4 Weather @StevePoolKOMO 3,122
9. Tracy Taylor KING-5 Traffic @King5TracyT 2,808
10. Chris Egert KIRO-7 Anchor @ChrisEgert 2,359

SOURCES: Network affiliate websites, Twitter profiles, and a lot of tedious searching!


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