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The Woman Behind Father’s Day

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There aren’t many cities that can honestly claim to have started an international holiday, but we have one in Washington: The first Father’s Day took place in Spokane. Surprised? That’s just one of the facts in today’s WA-List telling the story of a day with Northwest origins.


  • Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart (1842-1919) and his wife Ellen Victoria Cheek Smart (1851-98) had one daughter and five sons.
  • They lived in eastern Washington on a farm between the towns of Wilbur and Creston.
  • Ellen Smart died in childbirth when eldest child Sonora (1882-1978) was 16 years old.
  • William Smart raised the six children by himself.
  • Sonora admired her father, later writing that he was a “kind and loving parent who kept us together and happy.”
  • As an adult and mother, Sonora listened to a Mother’s Day tribute at the Central Methodist Church in Spokane, and wondered why there was no equivalent day honoring fathers.
  • She proposed the idea of creating a Fathers’ Day celebration to the Spokane Ministerial Alliance and the YMCA.
  • (And yes, she recommended it with the collective punctuation: Fathers’ Day.)
  • She wanted the celebration to take place on her father’s birthday, June 5.
  • The ministers said they needed more time to prepare so they chose a date two weeks later, the third Sunday in June.
  • The first Father’s Day was celebrated in churches throughout Spokane on June 19, 1910.
  • Spurred by positive reaction in newspapers across the country, Congress passed a Father’s Day resolution in 1914.
  • President Woodrow Wilson came to Spokane to celebrate Father’s Day in 1916.
  • By the 1920s, most of the country celebrated an unofficial Father’s Day.
  • Sonora spent many years advocating that Congress officially and permanently recognize a national observance.
  • President Lyndon Johnson issued a presidential proclamation declaring Father’s Day in 1966.
  • Finally, in 1972, President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day a permanent annual observation, on the third Sunday in June.
  • Sonora Smart married John Bruce Dodd.
  • Their house at 603 S Arthur St (shown here) was built in 1913 and still stands.
  • The Dodds lived there from 1913 to 1950.
  • Sonora Smart Dodd was celebrated at Spokane’s World’s Fair in 1974
  • She died in 1978.

Happy Father’s Day! Here’s to you, Dad.

PHOTO © Steve Campion

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