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Doing the Puyallup: Numbers

Published by Steve Campion. Category: Business & Industry

This is the sixth and last in a series of lists from the Puyallup Fair this month.

As the state’s largest fair heads into it final weekend, we’re throwing everything into our last Puyallup Fair list including a kitchen sink.  Six sinks, actually — albeit in a photo.

It takes a lot of elements and moving parts to host a fair as large as the Puyallup.   How many?  We list a couple dozen miscellaneous statistics below.  Some are hard to imagine even after we do some playful math:  882 miles of toilet paper.  Enough express bus riders to fill Safeco Field.  81.7 people walk through the turnstiles and 3.9 bags of garbage are filled every minute while the fair is open. And dare we say it?  Divide the liquid soap totals by visitors and you discover the average fairgoer uses only 8/100ths of a fluid ounce of soap on site.  [Shudder.]  That seems very low considering all the animal encounters, sticky foods, and … 882 miles of toilet paper.

With so much activity spread out over 165 acres and 17 days, it’s remarkable what about 2500 mostly newly-hired workers can manage.

  • Location: 110 9th Avenue SW, Puyallup, WA 98371
  • Dates: Sep 7-23, 2012
  • Hours: 10am-10pm (Mon-Thu), 10am-11pm (Fri), 9am-11pm (Sat), 9am-10pm (Sun)
  • Website: www.TheFair.com
  • WA-List suggestion: Check the website for schedules, admission pricing, driving, and parking info.


4,656,000 Feet of toilet paper used
1,487,000 Feet of paper towels used
1,059,182 Visits through the turnstiles
750,147 Student tickets distributed
160,000 Pounds of food collected on opening day
126,059 Educator tickets distributed
67,778 Aluminum cans recycled
50,052 Trash bags used
44,860 Rides to the fairgrounds by Express Bus
18,138 Visits by military troops and dependents on two Military Mondays
1,039 Cashiers hired
846 Game operators hired
748 Ride operators hired
627 Gallons of liquid soap
576 Food service workers hired
397 Gallons of hand sanitizer
341 Sales workers hired
287 Cleaning and maintenance workers hired
165 Acres of fairground hubbub
113 Years the Puyallup Fair has been in operation
52 Parking workers hired
17 Days the fair is open
5 Entry gates (clockwise from ther southwest: Green, Purple, Red, Gold, and Blue)
0 Number of times a duck and chicken actually kicked up the hay and raised such a storm on the main stage (estimate only)

SOURCES: Most of the data was provided by the Puyallup Fair & Events Center.  Acreage and recycling numbers came from the Fair visitor program, although the word “hubbub” was not mentioned. Averages and other playful math was done by WA-List, who also knew the number of gates, the age of the fair, and the unconfirmed estimate for the last stat on the list.

PHOTO © Steve Campion


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