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Doing the Puyallup: Rides

Published by Steve Campion. Category: Sports & Recreation

This is the fifth in a series of lists from the Puyallup Fair this month.

Once past the gates at the fair, visitors are pulled in different directions.  Do you follow the drifting scent of food, look for entertainment, or take the kids to see the animals.  No one — not even drivers that stay on the freeway — can avoid seeing the rides.  And fairgoers that gravitate to the midway can’t wait to be lifted, squished, spun, dropped, or tumbled like laundry.

Dozens of rides are scattered across the Puyallup Fairgrounds’ western lot, ranging from “kiddie” rides  in Sillyville to a haunted house to the Vertigo (shown at right).  Nine of the fair’s more popular rides fill today’s WA-List.  It ranges from the yellow Giant Slide to the 185 foot tall Extreme Scream tower (easily seen from miles away) that shoots a dozen people into the air before giving them a taste of free-fall.  Between them on the list and passing silently overhead is the Sky Ride (shown below) carrying visitors from one corner of the Fair to another.

  • Location: 110 9th Avenue SW, Puyallup, WA 98371
  • Dates: Sep 7-23, 2012
  • Hours: 10am-10pm (Mon-Thu), 10am-11pm (Fri), 9am-11pm (Sat), 9am-10pm (Sun)
  • Website: www.TheFair.com
  • WA-List suggestion: Check the website for schedules, admission pricing, driving, and parking info.


Rank Ride Riders
1. Giant Slide 99,917
2. Wildcat 68.698
3. Sky Ride (one way) 59,393
4. Matterhorn 48,567
5. Rollercoaster 47,446
6. Wave Swing 35,429
7. Enterprise 32,445
8. Vertigo 32,180
9. Extreme Scream 28,563

SOURCE: Data was provided by the Puyallup Fair & Events Center

PHOTOS © Steve Campion


2 Responses to “Doing the Puyallup: Rides”

  1. Joan Says:

    Does the Sky Ride have the original cars from the 1962 Worlds Fair? That’s some longevity if it does.

  2. Steve Campion Says:

    That’s what was printed on the sign in the cable car boarding area. Yes, that’s impressive.