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Olympian Olympians

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Three punny questions — or questionable puns:

Question: How many Olympians by birth later became Olympians by athletic ability?

Answer: Seven.

Question. How many Olympia-born Olympians had the mettle to medal?

Answer: Three.

Question: What kind of people meddle with metal?

Answer: Blacksmiths, but that’s an entirely different subject!

Okay, we can hear you groan.  We thought a little wordplay was particularly appropriate, though, because our state of Washington, by virtue of a pleasant accident of place naming, has a capital city that christened itself for the ancient Greek home of the gods about 50 years before the modern Olympic Games began.  In truth, we liked the catchy title and set off to craft a list.

Six men and one woman — born in Olympia — have participated in five sports in nine different Olympic Games over the years.  They returned home with a combined total of two gold medals and one silver.    They’re all listed below.  Olympia’s Warren Westlund is the second man from the left in the accompanying photo of the 1948 American rowing team receiving gold medals in the previous London Games.

By the way, Brodie Buckland — Colorado-born and newly-Australian — graduated from Olympia’s Capital High School and is competing in the rowing competition at the 2012 London games today.  We left him off the list because he wasn’t Olympia-born, but thought you might like to know.


Don Hume (1915-2001)

  • 1936 Summer (Berlin): Rowing, Men’s Coxed Eights, 1st place  GOLD

Warren Westlund (1926-1992)

  • 1948 Summer (London): Rowing, Men’s Coxed Fours, 1st place  GOLD

Peter Kennedy (1927- )

  • 1948 Winter (St Moritz): Figure Skating, Mixed Pairs, 6th place
  • 1952 Winter (Oslo): Figure Skating, Mixed Pairs, 2nd place  SILVER

Jack Hartman (1937- )

  • 1960 Summer (Rome): Cycling, Men’s Tandem Sprint, 2,000 meters, 5th place

Jay Waldron (1966- )

  • 1992 Summer (Barcelona): Shooting, Mixed Trap, 6th place

Kasey Keller (1969- )

  • 1996 Summer (Atlanta): Football (soccer), Men’s Football, 10th place

Sarah Jones (1973- )

  • 2000 Summer (Sydney): Rowing, Women’s Coxed Eights, 6th place
  • 2004 Summer (Athens): Rowing, Women’s Coxless Pairs, 9th place

SOURCE: primarily http://www.sports-reference.com/olympics/
IMAGE: placed into the public domain by Bob Martin Jr, son of the third man from the left


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