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July 4th on the Map

Published by Steve Campion. Category: Place Names

Do you plan to celebrate the Fourth this week?  There are some places in Washington State that commemorate independence year-round.  It’s on their signs; it’s even part of their permanent addresses.

Honors aplenty have been bestowed on a few heroes of the American Revolution, of course. There are countless places named for Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin — not to mention George Washington (doh!) and his Mount Vernon home. But for today’s list we opted to skip those obvious references to the Revolution and look to the less well-known.  We didn’t find any “Fireworks” in Washington, but come on — 1776 Court?  Who would have guessed that?


  • 1776 Court.  North of Route 4 west of Longview.
  • American Lake.  Named as such because the British at Ft Nisqually observed the American crew of the Wilkes Expedition celebrate on its shores the first ever Independence Day in the western United States.  The lake is in Lakewood.
  • Boston Harbor. On Budd Inlet north of Olympia.
  • Bunker Hill Road.  Near Stella, north of Route 4, west of Longview.
  • Fourth of July Lake.  South of Sprague Lake in Spokane County.
  • Freedom.  One source placed Freedom on Highway 195 and Bradshaw Road south of Spangle in Spokane County.  We were unable to find anything at the site, but Freedom is free to move around, we suppose.
  • Freedom Court.  In Lacey in Thurston County.
  • Hancock Court.  In Lacey in Thurston County.
  • Independence Court.  North of Route 4 west of Longview.
  • Independence Lane.  North of Route 4 west of Longview.
  • Independence Road.  South of Highway 12 southwest of Rochester in Thurston County.
  • Lexington.  West of I-5, north of Longview.
  • Liberty (pictured above). A ghost town a few miles off Highway 97 in Kittitas County.  In its heyday, Liberty was a prosperous mining community.
  • Liberty Bell Junior-Senior High School.  Part of the Okanogan School District in Winthrop.
  • Liberty Lake. A town on I-90 between Spokane and the Idaho border.
  • Liberty Court.  North of Route 4 west of Longview.
  • Liberty High School. In Spangle (Spokane County).
  • Liberty Road.  North of I-82 between Granger and Sunnyside in Yakima County.
  • Liberty Senior High School.  Part of the Issaquah School District in Renton.
  • Liberty Street and Bell Lane.  A single continuous road In St John, Whitman County.
  • Nathan Hale High School.  On 30th Avenue NE in the Seattle School District.
  • Patriot Court.  In Ferndale in Whatcom County.
  • Patriot Lane.  In Ferndale in Whatcom County.
  • Patriot Road.  In Woodland.
  • Patriot Way.  There are two such streets: one in Oak Harbor, another in Sequim.
  • Redcoat Court.  In Lacey in Thurston County.
  • Revere. One source placed Revere due east of Ritzville off Route 23.  We were unable to confirm anything there.
  • Revere Court.  In Lacey in Thurston County.
  • Valley Forge Lane. Off Highway 2 north of Spokane.

Did we miss any?

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One Response to “July 4th on the Map”

  1. Joan Says:

    I have never heard of some of the locations that these Patriotic names are located in. It’s interesting that most of these places are in outer places from the larger metropolitan areas. So many near or around Longview brings to mind the Lewis and Clark expedition with all the Liberties and Freedom guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights in their era. Maybe we need a refresher course and more names like that closer to our big cities.