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Where the Streets are Cherries

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On the 280th anniversary of our first president’s birth (update: 283rd in 2015!), we ask the eternal question: Did George Washington chop down a cherry tree? Maybe. He had a lifetime to arrange the grounds at his home in Mount Vernon, VA. Tree removal here or there was possible.  But we do know that the cherry tree story as told by Parson Weems (“Papa, I cannot tell a lie.”) was invented for the moral improvement of 19th century youth. That always made me chuckle: the parson made up a story about telling the truth.

Moral stories aside, though, there is physical evidence connecting George Washington with cherry trees. You can see it for yourself in the middle of our state.  Just a silver dollar’s throw south of Interstate 90, there is the city of George. George, Washington. It’s a small town in Grant County’s farm country. Charles Brown laid it out in the 1950s and gave it that memorable name — the only place in America in which the town and state combine to commemorate a president. He also laid out the streets of the town. It’s those streets that make up today’s WA-List.  If you visit George, stop by the huge bust (pictured here), have lunch at Martha’s Inn, and then walk or drive the streets. With one exception they’re all named after varieties of trees — the cherry trees young George may or may not have chopped down. Happy birthday, George.


  • Bing Avenue
  • Chinook Avenue
  • Deacon Avenue
  • Montmorency Boulevard
  • Naden Street
  • Nanking Avenue
  • Parkhill Road
  • Richmond Avenue
  • Royal Anne Avenue
  • Royal Duke Street
  • Sam Avenue
  • Van Avenue
  • Wild Cherry Avenue
  • Windsor Avenue

And  the exception to the cherry tree roads:

  • Washington Way


SOURCE: Been there, done that.  🙂

PHOTO © Steve Campion


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