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Washington Olympic Medalists in Sochi, 2014

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The 2014 Olympics in Sochi are over* and our Washington athletes will pack for home.  Three of them will have medals in their luggage.  After posting our 2014 Olympians list earlier this month, we dutifully tracked the competition schedule and results each day — medal or otherwise. Now that the Games are over, we present the final Washington tally: 2 gold1 silver, and 1 bronze.  The two gold medals went to a White Salmon man who snowboarded for Russia, the host country and his wife’s homeland. Our four total medals matched Great Britain. If our state was a country, it would snuggle into 16th place between Slovenia and Japan in the typical medal standings (where medals are ranked by total gold, then silver, then bronze).  That’s not bad for a state!


Athlete(s) Washington Connection Event Medal
Vic Wild White Salmon Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Gold
Vic Wild White Salmon Men’s Parallel Slalom Gold
J. R. Celski Federal Way (Todd Beamer High School) Men’s Speed Skating 5000m Relay Silver
 Ashley Wagner  Seabeck, Tacoma  Team Ice Dance Free Dance Skating Bronze


Athlete(s) Event Final Result
Erik Bjornsen Men’s 15 km Skiathlon 42nd
Erik Bjornsen Men’s Sprint Free 39th
Erik Bjornsen Men’s 15km Classic 38th
Erik Bjornsen Men’s 4x10km Relay 11th
Erik Bjornsen  Men’s Team Sprint Classic 6th
Sadie Bjornsen Women’s 7.5km Skiathlon 31st
Sadie Bjornsen Women’s 10km Classic 18th
Sadie Bjornsen Women’s 4x5km Relay 9th
Holly Brooks  Women’s 7.5km Skiathlon 47th
Holly Brooks Women’s 10km Classic 35th
Roberto Carcelen Men’s 15km Classic 87th
J. R. Celski Men’s Speed Skating 1500m 4th
J. R. Celski Men’s Speed Skating 1000m 13th
J. R. Celski Men’s Speed Skating 500m 6th
Patrick Deneen Men’s Moguls 6th
Brian Gregg  Men’s 15 km Skiathlon 47th
Brian Gregg Men’s 15km Classic 47th
Torin Koos   Men’s Sprint Free Finals  37th
Christian Niccum Luge Doubles 11th
Christian Niccum Luge Team Relay 6th
T.J. Oshie  Men’s Hockey 4th
Amy Sheehan  Women’s Halfpipe 10th
Angeli Van Laanen Women’s Halfpipe 11th
Ashley Wagner  Ladies Free Skating 7th

*It’s over for Washington athletes, at least. The last competitions and closing ceremony is Sunday.

SOURCE: We started with our original Washington athlete list, and kept abreast with the results on the official Sochi Olympics page.


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