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Where I Wandered: 2011

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Who cares where I wandered?  Probably no one.  I admit that.  But as the year winds down I think back to some of the trips I made, places I visited, things I did, and people I met in the last 12 months.   I didn’t make it to every county this year, but managed to roam through more than half of them.  I stayed in some much more often than others.  Some counties made nice destinations.  Others were day trips or quick routes to places beyond.  And a few piqued my interest enough to land firmly in my travel plans for 2012.

So this is a personal list.  It likely matters not a whit to anyone else, and that matters not a whit to me.  But here’s what I hope may be of interest to others:  I’ve been to all 39 counties in Washington at least twice over the years and believe there’s still plenty of interesting things to see and do and explore here.  Our state might not be as big as Texas (to which I traveled this year, too) or get as much media attention as California or New York (both states I last visited a couple years ago), but our state has great variety in its landscapes, cityscapes, culture, agriculture, art, recreation, history, and people.  It’s well worth wandering and exploring.  That’s what I do.  That’s what WA-List does.  Thanks for traveling with me this year! And if you’d like, please leave a comment saying where YOU wandered this year.


1. Pierce 11. Grant
2. Thurston 12. Lincoln
3. Chelan 13. Yakima
4. Benton 14. Walla Walla
5. King 15. Franklin
6. Spokane 16. Adams
7. Kittitas 17. Skamania
8. Lewis 18 Clark
9. Douglas 19. Cowlitz
10. Snohomish 20. Klickitat

SOURCE:  Off the top of my head … and in some of my bills.

PHOTO of a road northwest of Manson © Steve Campion


2 Responses to “Where I Wandered: 2011”

  1. Kari Says:

    You *only* visited 20 counties this year? Slacker! ‘-) Heheheee, just kidding.

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I have lists to visit all the state parks and travel all the major and minor highways (blue and the red ones on maps) but I hadn’t thought about getting to each county. Thanks for the idea! I think it will be my goal in 2012 to get to at least half. =)