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College Football Virtual Standings, 2011

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Kudos to the Lutes for earning the best record among the state’s college football teams this year.  They finished tied for second in the Northwest Conference (with the third best overall record), but their 6 wins and 3 losses were good enough to make Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma our first WA-List virtual state champion.

Throughout the fall, we’ve been running “virtual standings” on the WA-List home page for all the local teams as if they were competing in a state league all their own.  It was a way to track who was doing well regardless how big their schools were or on which level of college competition they played.  Now that all the regular season games have finished (after UW’s 38-21 victory over WSU in Saturday’s Apple Cup), we publish the final win-loss run-down for all the Washington university football programs.  Added together, Washington teams were 31 wins, 42 losses.  Let’s hope those numbers improve next year.

In addition to the PLU Lutes, we’d also like to give EWU a nod for most improved team as the season progressed.  The Eagles lost its first four games (including a nail-biter near-upset to UW in game 1), then rallied to win six of its next seven.


October November
SCHOOL RECORD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Pacific Lutheran University 6-3 W L W W W L L W W
University of Washington* 7-5 W W L W W W L W L L L W
Eastern Washington University 6-5 L L L L W W W W L W W
Central Washington University 4-6 L L L W W L W L L W
Whitworth University 4-6 L W L L L L W W L W
Washington State University 4-8 W W L W L L L L L W L L
University of Puget Sound 0-9 L L L L L L L L L

*The UW Huskies are expected to play in a post-season bowl game.  Even if they win and we count that victory in their win-loss record, PLU would still top this list.


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