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College Football Virtual Standings, 2013

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The Lutes have reclaimed the crown.  With eight wins, Scott Westering’s squad earned the best record among the state’s college football teams in 2013.  That means we can declare Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma our third annual WA-List virtual state champion.

Over the last three years we have run “virtual standings” on the WA-List home page for all seven local teams as if they were competing in a regular season state league all their own. It is a way to track who is doing well regardless on which level of competition they played.

Pacific Lutheran won the title in 2011, too.  A modest 6-3 record that year was sufficient to edge out the rest of the state’s teams. Despite improving to 7-2 in 2012, the Lutes lost the virtual state championship to Eastern Washington University (9-2).  Ironically, Eastern improved its record again this year, but couldn’t overtake PLU in our regular-season standings.

Improving seasons appear to be contagious.  Since we began our virtual standings, not only have PLU and Eastern steadily improved, but Washington and Central Washington have gotten better.  In fact, for six of the seven Washington college teams, 2013 was the best of the three seasons we’ve tracked.  Added together, Washington teams were 44 wins, 31 losses this year, up from 40-34 last year, and 31-42 in 2011.

We also want to mention that Eastern finished strong this year; they won their last 8 games and are continuing into the NCAA Division I championship bracket!* And we’re relieved that Puget Sound ended its 20 game losing streak at Whittier September 21, despite the fact they have lost all seven games since. (Hey, it’s a consequence of keeping score: someone wins, someone loses.)

Congratulations to the Pacific Lutheran Lutes for winning the state again this year!


October November
SCHOOL RECORD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Pacific Lutheran University 8-1 W W W L W W W W W
Eastern Washington University 10-2 W W L L W W W W W W W W
University of Washington 8-4 W W W W L L L W W L W W
Central Washington University 7-4 L W L W W W W L W L W
Washington State University 6-6 L W W W L W L L L W W L
Whitworth University 4-6 W W L L L L L W L W
University of Puget Sound 1-8 L W L L L L L L L

See also:  the 2011 and the 2012 virtual standings.

*PLU played in the NCAA Division III bracket but lost the opener to undefeated Linfield — the only team that defeated them during the regular season, too.


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