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City Hall on Main Street

Published by Steve Campion. Category: Politics & Government

Most towns have a Main Street.  It’s The Strip; the central drag; the center of activity.  Sometimes it goes by a different name but whether it’s Main Street, Front Street, First Avenue, or Commerce, it represents “downtown” to the residents.

In today’s list we look — out of trivial curiosity more than anything — at some of the Washington towns boasting an actual street called Main.  Many government offices anchor themselves on Main to be close to the action and accessible to the business core.  How many do that?  In Washington there are 36 city or town halls on Main.  Five county courthouses are there.  It is easily the most common address for government.

For the fun of it we’ve gathered those 41 civic addresses on Main — including two on Main Avenues.  And since alphabetical order seems mundane on a list that’s kind of silly to begin with, we’ve sorted the addresses by “house” number as if all the offices were on one imaginary Main Street you might walk down.

An additional trivial note: Cathlamet is the only town in Washington with both a city hall and a county courthouse on its Main Street.

And a trivial commentary: Many streets across this land are named for states, but sadly all the Main Streets pretty much eliminate the use of Maine Streets.  But we Washingtonians have almost the same problem.  Most of the Washington Streets, Avenues, and Boulevards in this country refer to the president rather than the state.  You’re more likely see a Washington next to an Adams (president) than an Oregon (state).  Bummer.


 25 West Main Auburn
26 Main Street Mansfield
64 Main Street Wahkiakum County in Cathlamet
100 Main Street Cathlamet
 100 North Main Street White Salmon
 102 Main Street Granger
 107 South Main La Crosse
110 North Main Street Bucoda
 111 West Main Street Everson
 111 South Main Pe Ell
 112 North Main Street Montesano
 East 120 Main Palouse
 147 Main Street Waitsburg
 165 South Main Street Washtucna
 200 Main Street Starbuck
202 West Main Street Elma
East 203 Main Street Farmington
204 East Main Street Oakville
 207 North Main Street Kittitas
211 Main Avenue North North Bend
 216 East Main Avenue Ritzville
 218 East Main Street Fairfield
 219 Main Conconully
 250 Main Morton
305 Main Street Mabton
315 West Main Street Walla Walla County in Walla Walla
 319 Main Street Sultan
341 East Main Street Columbia County in Dayton
400 North Main Street Whitman County in Colfax
 500 East Main Street Othello
 West 501 Main Coulee City
789 Main Street Garfield County in Pomeroy
 806 West Main Monroe
 933 Main Street Buckley
 1812 Main Street Lake Stevens
 2095 Main Street Ferndale
6000 Main Street Southwest Lakewood
 8405 South Main Lyman
 15535 Main Street Northeast Duvall
 15728 Main Street Mill Creek
 45672 Main Street Concrete

PHOTO of Lakewood City on Main Street © Steve Campion.


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