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A Book Shelf from Elliott Bay

Published by Steve Campion. Category: History

It doesn’t take a lazy, rainy day to get my nose in book.  I’ve usually got bookmarks in at least three books at any one time, in fact, and one of them typically has something to do with the Pacific Northwest.  And why not?  There have been many well-written narratives, histories and other non-fiction about Washington.  Finish one and another rolls off the presses.

I asked the people at Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Company to recommend some personal favorites about the Northwest to share with WA-List readers.  Elliott Bay is one of the largest independent bookstores in the region and seemed the perfect place to ask.  Alex Gholz was up to the challenge.  He offered two dozen books for us.  Some are new, some are classics, and a couple wander over the state line to Portland and Idaho.  Each of them caught his interest.  If you’re like me, you’ll find at least one new book here for your easy chair or nightstand.  Have you read any of them? Please leave a comment below.

  • Elliott Bay Book Company
  • Location:  1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle.
  • Phone:  206-624-6600, 800-962-5311
  • Websitewww.elliottbaybook.com


Sons of the Profits
by Bill Speidel “Personal favorite: Classic history of Seattle’s founding”
The Big Burn
by Timothy Egan
Skid Road
by Murray Morgan  “Personal favorite: Classic history of Seattle”
Curve of Time
50th Annversary Edition
by Wylie Blanchet
Kinsey Photographer
by Kinsey
Seattle in Black and White
by Joan Singler  “Personal favorite: 1960’s race relations in Seattle/Congress of Racial Equality [CORE]”
Historical Atlas of Washington and Oregon
by Derek Hayes
Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition
by Alan Stein  “Personal favorite”
On American Soil
by Jack Hamann
The Collector
by Jack Nisbet
Made in Hanford
by Hill Williams  “History of the Atomic Bomb”
Atomic Frontier Days
by John Findlay
Revolution In Seattle
by Harvey O’Connor  “Labor Activist O’Connor’s memoir, republished in 2009”
Winning the West for Women
by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal
The Bitters Waters of Medicine Creek
by Richard Kluger  “Personal favorite: Great history of NW Tribes”
Dark Rose: Organized Crime and Corruption in Portland
by Robert Donnely
The Final Forest
by William Dietrich
Emerald City: An Environmental History of Seattle
by Matthew Klingle
The Weather of the Pacific Northwest
by Cliff Mass  “THE Weather book for the NW”
Skyjack: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper
by Geoffrey Gray
Northwest Trees
by Stephen Arno
Seattle Architecture
by Maureen Elenga  “Personal favorite”
Driving Home
by Jonathan Raban  “Raban’s collection of essays. Phenomenal.”
Walking Seattle
by Clark Humphrey

SOURCE: Alex Gholz, Elliott Bay Book Company

PHOTO of books with map © Steve Campion


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