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Apple Pickin’ Times

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We’re accustomed to walking into a grocery store and buying apples any month of the year.  They’re always in stock, always fresh.   It seems as if they’re growing and ripening year-round.  That’s not the case, of course, but you can thank modern harvest, refrigeration, and delivery practices for that delicious illusion.  There is a harvest season for apples and we’re in the middle of it right now.

Washington grows more apples than all the other states in the US combined.  Its orchards in the Wenatchee, Chelan, and Yakima valleys, and the Columbia Basin are busy this month picking the most popular varieties.  The Red Delicious, making up a full third of all Washington apples, usually gets picked in the second half of September.  The second-largest crop, Gala, already ripened.  Fujis and Granny Smiths — third and fourth on the apple production list — will be ready in October.

What about the rest?  Today’s WA-List shows the usual harvests for Washington’s top nine apple varieties. (Yes, there are others!)  Seasons vary slightly year-to-year, though, and the Washington Apple Commission tells me harvests are about two weeks late this year due to the weather we had this summer.  Can’t wait?  Which is your favorite variety?


Harvest Time Available Apple Variety
Mid to late August Year-round Gala
August to
mid September
Year-round Golden Delicious
Mid September September to May Honeycrisp
Mid to late September Year-round Red Delicious
September to
mid October
October to July Braeburn
October October to August Cameo
Mid October Year-round Fuji
Mid October Year-round Granny Smith
October to
early November
November to August Cripps Pink

SOURCE:  The staff at the Washington Apple Commission and its visitor center in Wenatchee kindly helped with the data of this list.

PHOTO of orchard © Steve Campion
PHOTO of Cameo apple by Andre Abrahami
PHOTO of Cripps Pink apple by Washington Apple Commission
PHOTOS of all other apples © Steve Campion


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